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Glass Shower Enclosures and Doors
Investing money in high quality items for a restroom such as a shower unit not only boost the allure of your bathroom, however will look equally as great one decade from now. Readily available in numerous designs, shower units can offer your shower room an extra spacious feel and call for little maintenance at the same time.
Staying in the modern world, showers have actually come to be extra of a high-end contrasted to the old days in Greece where pull cord showers were taken outdoors and only a cold water supply was offered as a result of lack of plumbing. Greater than an invited adjustment took place in the direction of the last part of the 80's and into the early the 90's when brand-new technologies were introduced right into the bathroom remodeling industry where restroom vendors saw a splurge in shower and also bathroom sales, showing even more homeowners were wanting to upscale their restrooms.
Shower enclosures were popularized in part of the style boom with shower room distributors exhibiting streamlined fashionable styles. Not eventually property owners were demolishing their existing shower rooms to the bare wall surfaces, hence developing a boost sought after for house contractors and also improvement companies prompted by the washroom layout craze. The introduction of shower units ended up being a bottom line of passion as it gave way to opening up a bathroom where the shower no more needed to be connected to the bathroom as well as just called for extra plumbing be installed in order to accommodate the placement of the shower enclosure.
Today's remodelers are going huge and also going for it when it pertains to revamping their shower rooms since there are much more style concepts offered particularly for the smaller shower room. Normally the ordinary size of a shower room is approximately 130-140sq ft, according to the National Interior Decoration Council when the brand-new market fads came into play, property owners wanted to shower units as a means to provide bathrooms an extra spacious appeal. An essential consider aiding reinvent the shower market was due partially to house owners moving towards replacing solitary showers with two-person showers as well as removing adjoined bath/shower systems.
The desire for homeowners to express their private style flare is mainly expressed in the enhanced variety of sales in regard to shower units where people are wanting to go beyond the conventional moving glass door shower or shower particular. Because shower units have undergone a significant change in the past numerous years, individuals are promptly finding frameless shower doors and units are in vogue and that taking a relaxing shower in among these sophisticated easy-to-clean shower units is a sanctuary of sheer enjoyment.
Remaining with the trend in the direction of openness as well as ventilated spaces, the distinguished variety of shower unit designs add a sensational interest any kind of restroom redesigning project, from frameless quadrant shower enclosures for an ultra modern-day appearance or distinctly designed frozen glass edge shower enclosure adorned in chrome or stainless-steel. The spectacular spectacle of shower enclosure layouts directly offers to the success of the bathroom and also shower market and also has actually often been reported sometimes difficult for restroom suppliers to keep supply in stock, showing there is supply sought after and is on a constant upward climb. According to indoor designers with even more homes being built, people are customizing their washrooms prior to conclusion to include the most up to date trends in shower room décor with shower units blazing a trail not just as a result of their ageless sophistication, but are easily kept and with every person leading lifestyles that is an added benefit.


Why Shower Enclosure are Important


It makes your bathroom look like a luxury suite:


Installing a new shower cubicle in your bathroom is an excellent way to make it look like a luxury suite. Nothing says modern elegance like a glass shower enclosure. Made with 8 mm easy clean glass, Jauqar shower enclosures come in varied colors and sizes to fit perfectly with your existing bathroom size & decor. The high-quality enclosures come with concealed fixings and silent cushion closing to ensure a great showering experience.


Adds style to your bathroom:


Shower cubicles are one of those shower products that can make your bathroom look modern, wide, and visually appealing. Jaquar shower enclosures are available in various styles, so you can find the one that fits your bathroom's overall design. Whether you prefer rectangular enclosures or fancy curved designs, Jaquar has it all.


Enhances Personal Hygiene:


Waking up in the morning to a filthy, muddy bathroom can ruin your day. Jaquar shower enclosure helps keep your bathroom clean and hygienic. A shower enclosure helps keep the water inside and off your bathroom flooring. Allowing water to spill out on a hard surface can lead to mold, mildew, and build-up on the tiles and other flooring surfaces, which can be unhygienic and unattractive.

As all Jaquar shower enclosures are built to conform to the highest safety standards, you can be rest assured that they are completely watertight. This means you won't have to worry about leakages damaging your bathroom floor or ceiling—or worse yet, creating mold and mildew.


Elevates your shower experience:


A great shower combines many factors - optimum water pressure, apt water temperature, and great aesthetics during and after the shower. After all, who loves to clean the dirty floor just after a relaxing shower? With Jaquar shower enclosures, you can improve your experience by keeping the water within a specific area, so there is no cleaning post your shower. Offering style and function, our shower enclosures make your everyday life easier.




Shower enclosures give you more space without sacrificing style. It can be a challenge finding both in today's modern bathroom, but a Jaquar shower enclosure will provide you with both. Unlike big, bulky shower enclosures, Jaquar's shower enclosures come in standard sizes that are good enough to fit any space- from large bathrooms with walk-in closets to bathrooms that need extra storage space. You can also customize the size as per your preference.


Ensures safety with impressive safety features:


Jaquar shower enclosures are designed with the highest safety standards. They come in different sizes and designs, along with toughened safety glass, high-quality hinges, and locking mechanisms that help keep you safe from injury while allowing you to feel at ease when taking a relaxing shower. A secure enclosure means no chance of slipping on wet bathroom floors.

Shower Glass Enclosures


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